Advanced Molecular Imaging Laboratory 
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Postdoctoral positions


  1.     AMIL-SZBL focuses on the development, application and clinical translation of advanced molecular imaging systems such as PET. Professionals in nuclear physics, materials science, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science and software engineering, radiopharmaceuticals, zoology and clinical medicine are welcome to apply for postdoctoral positions in our research group. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in the following areas:

  2.     Development of High-performance Molecular Imaging Systems: Development of advanced scintillation crystals, semiconductor detectors, novel photodetector materials (e.g. perovskite), and new detector design and fabrication technologies (e.g. photonic crystals, high-reflective film systems);    Design, integration, and testing of prototypes for next-gen molecular imaging systems based on new detector technologies and electronic technologies; Design of high-density, high-precision, high-time-performance electronic systems.

  3.     Simulation-based Design Study, Reconstruction Algorithms, and Image Processing: Development of 3D image reconstruction algorithms for Total-body TOF-PET and implementation based on GPU, FPGA, or computer clusters. Research on real-time dynamic image reconstruction  algorithms for wearable PET. Deep learning-based image reconstruction for low-dose (low sensitivity) PET.

    • Benifits:

    •     Annual salary of 400,000 to 550,000 RMB, (including Shenzhen’s annual tax-free subsidy of 180,000 RMB and additional allowances for selected excellent postdocs).

    •     Provide social insurance, medical insurance, housing provident fund, statutory holidays, and paid annual leave.

    •     Please contact Ms. Chen ( for more information on benifits.

Application Materials:

  Resume in Chinese or English, including research interests, career goals, main research skills, research experience, achievements, and awards. Personal statement (research interests and future plans). Full text of representative publications. Other materials proving research and work abilities. Contact information of 3 referees and at least two letters of recommendation (can be provided after the interview). Please send application materials to or

Details in Chinese:  AMIL博士后招聘启事